We supply a wide range of high quality CD-R and DVD-R recordable media according to almost all of your production requirements complemented with printer inks and ribbons.

The print output quality depends on the used printer equipment and consumables.

To ensure best production results we solely offer brand named consumables which have been tested with our Printing and Recording Equipment for quality, compatibility and livetime.

Media Supply Kit

Media Supply Kits include high performed CDs or DVDs and the printer supplies to print them - delivered in one easy to handle and easy to order package.

Features of using Media Supply Kits:

  • Media Supply Kits feautures superior performance and exceptional convenience at competitive price
  • Printable media is designed for uniform coating
  • Bundled pricing of Kits keeps the cost-per-disc low
  • Achieving brilliant color results, cause printable media matched precisely to your printer's specifications
  • Achieving the finest detail for the highest resolution and optimal color quality no matter if you print one disc or hundreds
  • Feeling convenient cause each Kit provide all the supplies you need in only one package
  • Feeling convenient cause each kit is a matched set of printing supplies and CDs or DVDs

Never run out of only one single component again !

Media Supply Kits

  • certified media, inks & ribbons
  • ideally matched quantities
  • economical to use
  • brillant color results
  • safe production
  • constant quality
  • less complaints

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Printer Ink for 6 colour thermal Ink Jet Printer

LSK 6 colour thermal inkjet printer is based on the most advanced Hewlett Packard thermal inkjet technology available today.

Further benefit is the economical aspect of the lowered ink consumption and the faster drying time. Together with the new six-ink colour capacity it guarantees realistic photo images, vivid colour output, and extremely sharp text printed on all types of inkjet media.

An amazing result is reached when using it with our new Photo Quality surface of the CD/DVD Medias mentioned above. Beside the black and the standard colour cartridge with 3 colours an optional 3 colour Photo Cartridge is available to be used. Using both cartridges together the 6 ink colour printing is effective.

Black ink , 19 ml
Tri Colour, 17 ml
dye based
Photo, 17 ml
dye based

Yellow, Magenta, Cyan

Light Magenta, Light Cyan, Black
Advanced inkjet print
cartridge technology
and features make
it easy to achieve
consistently outstanding
results with your ODP
200 inkjet printer.
Patented, pigment-based
ink in the black inkjet print
cartridge delivers
consistent results for
a wide variety of
printing needs.
Advanced inkjet print
cartridge technology
makes it easy to
achieve consistently
outstanding results
with your OPD 200
inkjet printer. Patented,
dye-based inks in
the tri-color print
cartridge deliver
impressive color for a
variety of printing
The Photo Inkjet Print
Cartridge features
patented dye-based
inks formulated to
produce virtually
grain-free, true-to-life
prints every time. The
Photo Inkjet Print
Cartridge also
produces very fine
picoliter drops that
create the precise
image detail and
color accuracy of true-
to-life photos.
The reliable, easy-to-
install cartridge and
specially formulated
ink work together with
your ODP 200 inkjet
printer to give you
crisp, sharp results
that resist fading.
The print cartridges
and the printer are
designed together to
work together.
The easy-to-install
cartridge work
together with your
ODP 200 printer to
produce true-to-life
photos that resist
fading for enerations.
The match of Print
cartridges, printer and
print media grant an
outstanding and
durable quality.
When used together,
with the Tri Colour
print cartridge and
ODP 200 Printer it
works in the HP six-
ink color printing
system to produce
prints that resist
fading for generations.

Printer Ink for 4 colour thermal Ink Jet Printer

ODP 500 is a 4 colour thermal inkjet printer based on the most advanced Hewlett Packard thermal inkjet technology. The four single ink cartridges can be replaced individually, featuring high ink level saving ink and money.

Ink available for ODP 500 4 colour thermal inkjet printer:

Dye Ink
69 ml
Dye Ink
28 ml
Dye Ink
28 ml
Dye Ink
28 ml

Ribbon for Teac P 55

You have a choice between 4 different type of Ribbons to be used according to your print requirements:

New - TEAC VersaMax Kit. It allows you to use various inexpensive media with a P55 B/C Thermal Re Transfer Printer. Production cost can be reduced while offering high print quality. Among the TEACs P55 B/C Termal Re Transfer possess 4 print options: B/W and CMYK – generating True Black, the only Thermal Re Transfer Solution for TrueBlack currently available on the market. CMYK-Photo and VersaMax for high quality prints.

Black RibbonColour Ribbon Colour Ribbon Photo
Capacity 2000 Prints
Black & White
Capacity 500 Prints
Colour CMYK
Capacity 500 Prints
Colour CMYK Photo