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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
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  1. The robotic always tries to unload a CD/DVD from a recorder which has no media?
  2. What happens when the OS detects a recorder as a harddisks and not as a CD/DVD drive?
  3. How can I avoid or solve the following error message under PoINT Publisher:
    "There is no bin with media matching this job or disc image. Cannot create job."?
  4. The printer doesn´t print under Point Publisher Server?
  5. A Recorder is producing too much "bad" discs. IN parallel you can find the error code "Error 0x00" in the logfile?
  6. The recorded media shows unrecorded rings at the recording side of the media?
  7. The system stops displaying the error message: "Autolaoder reports failure of Drive"?
  8. Since I´m using a new brand of media, I have a very high reject quote?
  9. The name of the print-file which is displayed in the joblist under PoINT Publisher is the same as the name of the image file?
  10. Can I refill my ink cartridges?
  11. Can I use ink cartridges other than IGA authentic cartridges?

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